Sunday, April 27, 2008

More felted pals!

I think I'm approaching mastery of needle felting! I took a long walk to Cobble Hill (see below post) to visit the Brooklyn General store, which has some beautiful colors of wool and very helpful staff. So I stocked up and got to feltin'!

Bertrum Bear: inspired by Jenn Docherty's beautiful creations, I decided to see if I could tackle a more complicated form with clothing.  Thus, Bertrum the pea-green bear was born! I'm quite pleased with his springy colors and smart vest.

This owl looks a bit "special," but I still like his woodsy colors.

Bunny with Warren: I used a small piece of wood to build this warren.  First I covered it in fabric, then attached a base of stuffing wool using fabric glue.  I used this base to needle felt the green moss that makes this bun-bun's home.  Then I used the fabric from the base, more felt and pins to make flower bunches.  Then I decided the bunny looked a bit lonely, so I invited over the hedgehog for a party!


Sunny Brooklyn Saturday stroll

pretty flowers in Cobble Hill

lunch break! 

note the jolly polka dot window cover

Tuesday, April 15, 2008

Yellow Chubbster Bird Pal!

flown the nest!


Who I'm listening to right now:

Amy Winehouse
Rainer maria
The Field

Ok, and an album of 90's one hit wonders

Wonderpets stuff

As some know, I've worked on the wonderpets ( One of the first things i did was the costumes for the pets to wear in the Beetles episode. Well, now that episode is going to air on Primetime this coming Monday, and those costumes are all over the friggin place:

print a poster:

make a shirt:


Also, check out this month's NickJr magazine for a "spot the differences" game I worked on, also Beetles themed!


Check out these little guys! I made the discovery that your first wool felting project should not be A: large or B: complicated in form. My first creation, this dog, is both of those, but I think he's come a long way. For a while he was looking more like a lamb. Then this silly hedgehog, who's about the size of your thumbtip, whipped up in no time! More to come