Sunday, April 27, 2008

More felted pals!

I think I'm approaching mastery of needle felting! I took a long walk to Cobble Hill (see below post) to visit the Brooklyn General store, which has some beautiful colors of wool and very helpful staff. So I stocked up and got to feltin'!

Bertrum Bear: inspired by Jenn Docherty's beautiful creations, I decided to see if I could tackle a more complicated form with clothing.  Thus, Bertrum the pea-green bear was born! I'm quite pleased with his springy colors and smart vest.

This owl looks a bit "special," but I still like his woodsy colors.

Bunny with Warren: I used a small piece of wood to build this warren.  First I covered it in fabric, then attached a base of stuffing wool using fabric glue.  I used this base to needle felt the green moss that makes this bun-bun's home.  Then I used the fabric from the base, more felt and pins to make flower bunches.  Then I decided the bunny looked a bit lonely, so I invited over the hedgehog for a party!


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