Sunday, March 28, 2010

Duck in a smart hat!

Hedgie and majestic deer pal

Easter drawings


IF: Rescue

I really love sea life, and it's awful how the corral reefs are being destroyed by pollution and clumsy tourists. The reefs need rescuing! I did some of these 'corral bouquets' a while ago, they're fun to draw.

IF: expired

This chocolate bunny's days are numbered!

Saturday, March 20, 2010

Amazing story/book/website

Just go here!

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Easter stuff

I love Easter! Easter candy, Easter colors, Easter decorations...I found some super cute things from Dean and Deluca, Martha Stewart and Williams Sanoma, and of course there's a drawing from one of my favorite artists, Beatrix Potter. I especially love that garden cookie tray from D & D...too cute to eat!


It's a fact!

My pals and I decided to each illustrate a fun fact! Mine is: "Fred Rogers, Known as Mister Rogers, wore sweaters to conceal forearm tattoos commemorating his short stint as a Merchant Marine.

Way to be secretly even MORE awesome, Fred! I put him in a sweater vest to show off those sweet tats!

I had a little trouble with the wallpaper behind him..originally I had a bunch of houses (to represent the neighborhood) but decided it was too distracting so I tried painting over it but it just looked really overworked. So I found this wallpaper texture and I'm pretty pleased with the solution. Check out Amy's and Cassandras!

Fabulous things for spring!

Check out the beautiful stuff at Cursive design!. I especially adore this "twig" necklace, so organic and simple. Not that my birthday's coming up or anything... ;) / Did you know that Whole Foods has these great coupons online? 75 cents off delicious, good for me Lara bars? yes please! / I am borderline OBSESSED with this awesome dry-in-60-seconds-polish. I'm really awful at home manicures and always manage to smudge them up. With this magical stuff I, too can have white!

Check out my super cute new dress! It actually looks much cuter in person than on this too-cool-to-look-happy model! / What a cute l'il spring deer! / I could spend all day on this blog about beauteous packaging..*swoon*!

Monday, March 15, 2010

Group Show at Cameo Gallery

Put on by the fine people of Blanks. The theme for this show was "talisman." A lot of cool people showed up, and it was fun to see what other people did. I missed the band with giant train whistles, though!

nerdy cat!

Friday, March 12, 2010


I just discovered that the NY Public Library has an amazing online gallery of all sorts of fascinating images images of all sorts! There are maps, photos, prints, diagrams, magazine and newspaper clippings, X-rays... What an amazing resource for reference and inspiration! They also have a fabulous collection of beached whale prints, which have always really interested me. Here are just a few of my favorite images that I came across:

Sunday, March 7, 2010

For St.Paddy's Day

Spring is here!

IF: Brave

This brave explorer has tamed a wild grizzly bear!

Things me likey this week!

"Science in the City" Podcasts, Kate Miss beautiful hand woven and brass necklaces, Momofuku pork belly buns!
Lemons! Customized Nike frees, a fun blog about artists who draw cats!

Ginger Lemon Cookie Sammies

I had to balance all that kale out with some cookies! I've been crazy about lemon lately and I'm always down for ginger, so I had to try these! I've made ginger snaps a lot, and I find that shortening makes for a better "snap" and I missed that in these cookies. The lemon frosting was really good though. Next time I might double the zest because I'm such a lemon fiend, but the flavor and texture was great. In the end, I might do these again with a different ginger cookie recipe.

Kale Chips

I tried this recipe from Epicurious for Kale chips. It's really simple and they come out with a nice, nutty flavor. A good way to get your greens in! Would also be good with sesame oil.

Monday, March 1, 2010