Saturday, March 20, 2010

Fabulous things for spring!

Check out the beautiful stuff at Cursive design!. I especially adore this "twig" necklace, so organic and simple. Not that my birthday's coming up or anything... ;) / Did you know that Whole Foods has these great coupons online? 75 cents off delicious, good for me Lara bars? yes please! / I am borderline OBSESSED with this awesome dry-in-60-seconds-polish. I'm really awful at home manicures and always manage to smudge them up. With this magical stuff I, too can have white!

Check out my super cute new dress! It actually looks much cuter in person than on this too-cool-to-look-happy model! / What a cute l'il spring deer! / I could spend all day on this blog about beauteous packaging..*swoon*!

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