Tuesday, March 3, 2009

Wise owls and wiser words!

My friend and I went to this great panel:


here are some of my favorite parts:

-Tim O'brien is hilarious!
-Recessions are actually not a bad time for illustrators, as a drawing is cheaper than a set up, styled photo!
-The word "style" is dumb and one should just do art that feels like themselves. Finding this way of working can take years and lots of failed attempts (phew, am normal!)
-Getting published in an annual is pretty important
-sketches are important and should be good
-Juliette Borda has blond hair, and I always for some reason envisioned her as a brunette
-Rather than looking at other illustrators for inspiration, try fine art, fashion, cultures, etc
-thanks to computers, there are rarely "original" illustrations
-personal work, personal work
-Chris Silas Neal is cute and used to go to music school, but didn't say much


amy marie said...

wow, it sounds really interesting! Too bad i didn't get to go, stupid flu. love the owls!

Jeff said...

you took notes?

calamity afoot said...

yeah, in my head!

Jeff said...

oh, i imagined you writing down that last point in your sketchbook...

Tim Rauch said...

these owls are coolio, yo!