Sunday, November 22, 2009

Mr. Fox, you are indeed fantastic!

Just a few thoughts on this newly release movie:

I adored this book as a kid . My paperback copy of it was read almost to pieces. So I was really excited when I heard they were making a movie out of it. However, a few poorly executed previews turned me off and I was worried this might be another "Horton hears a who," which I thought, though aesthetically stunning, failed the book and muddied the message with "adult" jokes and cheesy musical numbers. But...

I was thrilled to find my childhood favorite brought to a new level last night in the movie theatre. The attention to detail in this movie is amazing, everything from an acorn lantern to a book on a shelf has been considered.

The original illustrations by Quentin Blake were so full of character and humor. The character design in the movie were outstanding, certainly rivaling Blake's work.

Wes Anderson lends his usual features and if you liked "The Royal Tenenbaums" this will be another favorite. The writing also respected the original story. One of the farmers raises peaches and although they never explicitly mention it, he is eating a peach in a scene. In short, fabulous stop motion, a visual smorgasbord and an all around awesome movie that I plan on seeing again!

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