Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Boulud Burger Lunch!

My pal Jeff won tickets to a free gourmet lunch and was nice enough to invite me! Our secret lunch truck contained none other than celebrity chef Daniel Boulud, who served us neatly packaged luxury from an ordinary lunch truck! The line was long and the weather was brisk, but this buttery, perfectly cooked burger with peppery watercress and some unidentified melty cheese was worth it. To go along with the burger was a rich raspberry trifle with a sprinkling of shortbread cookie crumbs and topped with a perfect plump raspberry. Yum!

The man himself in a silly hat!


jene said...

NO WAY!!!!!! I'm so jealous!!!!!! The only celebrity food chef I've ever seen was CJ from Top Chef and I had to PAY to see him.

illustration poetry said...

...and im so hungry :(((