Sunday, May 9, 2010

Mom and Baby Homemade Poptarts!

How perfect for Mother's Day! As soon as I saw this recipe on Smitten Kitchen I knew I had to make them. I couldn't resist making half of the tarts mini, so cute.

Usually I'm more of a 'throw some dough in a pan and go' kinda gal, but for these I had to have matching rectangles, woah, math! Check out the ruler I had to bust out. As far as the dough goes, I resisted the urge to make over-work it as I have in the past with pastry dough. Some pieces of butter were the size of coarse meal, some were as big as an olive, but I stopped when the average size was that of a pea. It worked like a dream...the dough came out fabulously flakey.

I used Sara Beth's Strawberry Peach Preserves, I love anything from her!

After I put them in the oven I went to see what Meanwhile was doing. He was not amused.

I'm not one to throw out pastry dough! I sprinkled the trimmings with some vanilla-bean sugar and baked them..yum!

Ta-da! They came out awesome. Will definitely try again with Nutella!


jene said...

Saw this on Smitten too and mentally bookmarked it. Looks like yours were a success. I'll need a day when I'm feeling particularly patient before I attempt them

Michelle said...

You are insanely awesome!